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Looking for a reliable, safe and secure IT solution for your insurance brokerage? Plextec gives you the solutions you need to succeed.


“Plextec’s ability to seamlessly integrate IT with the specific products we use has been invaluable. Over the past ten years at Insureit, we’ve grown from 70 to around 120 users. Throughout multiple acquisitions, Plextec ensured a flawless transition, maintaining uninterrupted service and enhancing our efficiency. Their expertise in onboarding new brokerages has been particularly noteworthy. What sets Plextec apart is their deep understanding of our business. They anticipate needs and deliver solutions with minimal friction. There has been no downtime or system inaccessibility since Plextec joined us, a stark contrast to our past experiences. In summary, I cannot recommend Plextec highly enough. Their combination of industry-specific knowledge, technical expertise, and unwavering reliability makes them an unparalleled partner. Plextec has never let us down, and I would advocate for their services without hesitation.”

Jamie Kauk

 Vice President Operations – Insureit

“What attracted me to Plextec was that they were dedicated to Insurance Brokers and fully understood our mindset and expectations. If someone offered to cut our costs in half, I wouldn’t switch.”

Sanjay Makkar

President of InsureU Brokers

I contacted Todd in the summer of 2009; I was having problems with my tech on site. So I was out looking and Todd was highly recommended, and in fact the fellow said “on a scale of one to ten, he’s an eleven”. And I’ve got to agree with that. So Todd came into my office, brought in equipment, pretty well knew what we had here … and got us up and running. It’s been five years, and he’s never been back in my office since.

We’ve also changed as Todd developed his business and offers me different services which we’ve engaged him on – we now have no equipment in our office other than a modem and a router and a switch. Todd has all of our equipment – Todd has my life! I do trust him. It’s fairly easy for us to open new offices as well because of the way Todd can do business for us. It’s the least of my worries, let’s say that, opening a new office. It’s very seamless – they try to do any servicing during off-hours so we’re not down.

I would definitely recommend Plextec to others.

Terry Finnegan

Finnegan Insurance

We’ve been with Plextec for four or five years, and I would say we moved to their hosting service about three years ago.  I think they’re great. They were referred to us and… they kind of restructured our IT and eventually centralized it – they’re housing the servers and everything like that. Any time we have any questions regarding something they’ll always tell us – if we need advice on something, they’re always very helpful.

If we ever have an issue they’re on top of it very quickly where we call them they get back to us – they’re very responsive and really knowledgeable. There’s never been a situation where they’re not able to help or resolve the situation. I normally get Francisco on the phone – he’s very personable and he knows his stuff inside and out so he’s very quick to find a solution if we’re having a problem. [Desi and] Robert [are] also very knowledgeable too.

Joe Craparotta

ICD Insurance, Vaughan

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